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The Modern Reader believes in the enduring value of books. That is why, as a publishing imprint of Strathmore Management Inc., we have dedicated ourselves to produce only the best coffee-table books the region has to offer in both content and appearance. Not to mention the quality of the book itself, which stands as a collectible object in its own right. We treat books as artworks themselves, as a tribute to the beautiful images of fine art and artefacts that adorn their pages. We give special attention to the art and craft of making one worthy to whose shelf they would occupy—yours.

A rich, multi-faceted culture like ours that has been a source of equally interesting artworks can only be justified with the same creative vision that goes through their documentation. That is why we have carefully assembled a team of experts—historians, writers, photographers, designers and book printers—who work hand in hand to present only the most worthy subject matter in their best possible form: a book that appeals to the mind and senses. Books, for us, should be the most uplifting passage between art and life, between history and now. It is in The Modern Reader’s objective—of bridging the past with the present through beautifully crafted books—to present the images and themes of our times in the quality that they deserve.

The Founder

Olivia Yao is the founder of The Modern Reader, a publishing imprint of Strathmore Management Inc., which focuses on producing high-end coffee table books about lifestyle, culture, and the arts.  She earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Boston College in Masschusetts, U.S.A..  She gained a reputable career in the banking industry, both here and abroad, before finally moving into the publishing business.

Her interest in Contemporary Art has led her to become an advocate for high-quality print materials that best represent the beauty of the works.  And she adheres to the idea that only through the beauty of books can the reader truly witness and appreciate the flourishing of one’s culture.



The book is available at Finale Art File, Tin-aw Art Gallery, West Gallery, and Fully Booked (Rockwell, Bonifacio High Street, and Greenbelt Branches)

Art After War: 1948-1969

As part of the series, Philippine Artscape, this volume tackles the people, the organizations, and the artworks that lie in the forefront of the art movements that took shape during this period in Philippine history. Over 50 names of artists are discussed, with more than 200 images of artworks and contextual photographs to exemplify their significance. Printed in large, hardcover format and in full color.



  • ISBN 978-621-95234-0-0
  • 12 X 11 inches
  • Text: Matt 120 lbs
  • 252 pages
  • Hardcover with French-fold cover


  • Joy Nostalg Center, 29F
    17 ADB Avenue Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1600 Philippines
  • +63 2 9849536 / +63 998 864 4003

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