Philippine Artscape

Philippine Artscape is a series of books on Philippine Art that sketches out the contours of the history of art making in the country from the twentieth century onwards. It is an encompassing view of the most significant artworks produced in the land and the factors that helped shape them, which will be made into five volumes—the most comprehensive yet to be published about Philippine Art in the contemporary era. The series boasts a massive collection of high-quality photographs of artworks that has been carefully curated and reproduced. It includes more than a hundred names of artists that defined the world of Philippine art through different periods: 1928 to 1947, 1948 to 1969, the 1970’s, 1983 to 1999, and 2000 until the present.

This vast volume, filled with a wealth of critical essays, illustrations, anecdotes, historical tidbits, direct quotations from artists as well as interviews with primary sources, serves as an important sourcebook and guide, or as an invaluable primer to the history Philippine Art.  A single volume of the set can stand alone as a complete work in itself.  It is marked by its readability and accessibility, for experts and novices alike. Needless to say, the series can be a substantial source of pleasure to those who simply love art, in all its forms and provocations, because of its selection of images and its well-written prose.

The Artscape series is an indispensable part of any library by any collector or any institution who believes in the significance of knowing the artists and artworks that helped define our culture. The iconic works by each artist included as images contribute to a vast visual timeline that is appealing to both sight and mind. As for the bibliophile, the series is also a groundbreaking feat in the design of coffee-table books. Innovative in its layout and unprecedented in the quality of its material, the Philippine Artscape series, which is historic as much as it is about history, is truly the flagship collection for The Modern Reader’s future publications to come.